Apr 13, 2014
little boy trying to put grain inside the mouth of a pigeon to feed it at kabutar khana dadar mumbai india

return to innocence

Mar 21, 2014
3 old villagers at a small tea shop in india

the hangout

Mar 14, 2014
girl laughs at her romantic kiss

love at first sight…. (more photos inside)

Mar 1, 2014
man at the door of his house in the french colony at pondicherry india

puducherry people

Feb 24, 2014
little village girl waving to the camera with her 2 little brothers alongside

hello there

Feb 19, 2014
man sitting by the beach at pondicherry looking at a storm coming in the sea

storm of contemplation

Feb 16, 2014
old man with wrinkled face sitting next to large buddhist prayer wheel in ladakh

turning of time

Feb 11, 2014
little village girl yawning while parents watch event in city

gimme a break

Feb 8, 2014
smiling old man selling tea on delhi street in cold weather

chai chacha

Jan 11, 2014
indian soldiers at arunachal pradesh, india & china border against prayer flags

living on a prayer

Jan 4, 2014
man sharpening knives on an automated sharpening stone with sparks flying out

sharpen the saw

Dec 31, 2013
construction workers on building against the large setting sun in mumbai

going up, going down

Dec 27, 2013
little boy selling electronic candles at crawford market mumbai

eyes that light up

Jun 24, 2013
man paints monastery before dalai lama arrival in tawang

festive coloring

Jun 21, 2013
girl sleeps off while begging in a subway at mumbai

going down

Jun 17, 2013
man spinning huge tops on the street in kuala lumpur

spin it hard

Jun 14, 2013
man making tea in brass pot by roadside in india

national drink

Jun 12, 2013
indian traditional kathakali dancers in the middle of performance at kerala

power performance

Jun 10, 2013
little girl trying to climb on back of a cycle while mom is waiting

mount the ride

Jun 7, 2013
rajasthan folk tribal dancers dancing around young boy playing drums

dance all around