Sep 18, 2015
2 sardar volunteers cleaning the golden temple amritsar lake in a boat

service to society

Aug 15, 2015
a liftman sitting near an old lift in a building in south mumbai, india

the liftman

Aug 8, 2015
very old man with wrinkled face with lines on face and smiling in gangtey phobjika bhutan

reading between lines

Jul 25, 2015
man pushing a rope to move his boat at sundae kelapa harbour in jakarta after he and his family finished prayer for ramazan did ul fitri

ferry family

Jul 18, 2015
a monk walking across the courtyard in punakha dzong at bhutan

light has no fear of dark

Jun 21, 2015
a character from ravana's army (from the indian epic ramayana) waving out to audiences at the kecak performance in uluwatu, bali

music of words

May 23, 2015
a little smiling girl by the roadside at the roadblock on highway between thimphu & punakha in bhutan 2014

stopover friend

Apr 18, 2015
man fishing in calm waters of lovina beach balie with the clouds reflecting in the sea

fishing for clouds

Mar 21, 2015
a balinese couple posing for a photograph at bali, indonesia

the balinese couple

Feb 21, 2015
but little big man continues to (try to) carry them

little big man

Jan 24, 2015
young boy with big eyes near haystack

windows to the soul

Dec 20, 2014
two very old men having a hearty laugh and remembering good times at national chorten thimphu bhutan

good time

Nov 22, 2014
young kids dressed as old in a carnival in malaysia

being weird

Oct 18, 2014
3 boys riding a boat on dal lake kasmhir

looking over

Sep 20, 2014
two friends in conversation at drass kargill jammu kashmir india

friendly banter

Aug 23, 2014
man selling chaat (snacks) during ramazan in mumbai near minara masjid

no food and so food

Jul 26, 2014
old man giving whacky smile

whacky turns sweet

Jun 28, 2014
t shirts of an entire football team hanging by a drying line in cherrapunji meghalaya in india

the football team

Jun 21, 2014
indian soldier at wagah border punjab with rifle and firm pose

tall. firm. proud

May 21, 2014
elephant caretaker and his friends at kabini reserve karnataka

the elephant caretaker