return to innocence

little boy trying to put grain inside the mouth of a pigeon to feed it at kabutar khana dadar mumbai india

mumbai, india | 2014

kabutar khana or pigeon feeding enclosures are pretty common in india where generous people would throw some grain for pigeons to eat. one of these kabutar khana’s is located near the dadar railway station in mumbai – one of the busiest with 500,000 passengers per day. many of these on their way to/from the station would buy some grain and throw it in the enclosure for these birds. its probably a little act of generosity that helps us retain our sanity. but as most adults living in a busy world the entire process is a quick mechanical action designed to get them in time for the next fast local …

but then there was this little boy … he walked up inside the enclosure throwing the grains given by his grand dad towards the pigeons and enjoying their presence … then he innocently hunched down, picked some grain and literally tried to put it inside the nearest bird’s beak, as if someone would’ve fed him back at home… and as the bird ate it there was an immense amount of joy on his face …

its good to take a pause and thoroughly immerse ourselves in everyday experiences – there is so much happiness waiting for us

the birds looking for the boy after he had left
pigeons looking up at feeding ground (kabutar khan) in mumbai india

the hangout

3 old villagers at a small tea shop in india

gundathur village | karnataka, india | 2013

these three old men were enjoying their tea at a small tea shop in the gundathur village in karnataka. with my broken kannada i couldn’t communicate much with them, but this seemed to be their everyday hangout place …
looking at them peacefully chatting i realised that friends, some good tea and a hangout is pretty much what you need to have a good time in life !

love at first sight…. (more photos inside)

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kuala lumpur, malaysia | 2013
freddy coudboul or flochard as he liked to be called was a crazy mime actor who shocked his audience at the alliance francaise de kuala lumpur by doing everything that is socially unacceptable. he reprimanded kids, offered a half chewed gum from his mouth to people, cut off a lock of hair from a woman and put it on a bald guys head, and more…

well he also fell in love with this girl from the audience and then went straight up and hugged her and gave her a big sloppy kiss before she realised what was going on ! well she was a sport none the less and played along …

it was a good fun evening with the french in kuala lumpur

puducherry people

man at the door of his house in the french colony at pondicherry india

french colony | pondicherry, india | 2013

man hanging out at the door to his house in the french colony at pondicherry

old woman riding a cycle on the streets of pondicherry in india

pondicherry, india | 2013

it was encouraging to see that a lot many people across age groups use cycling as their main mode of transport in pondicherry

man at the registration desk at one of the aurobindo institutions in pondicherry

pondicherry, india | 2013

man on morning walk framed inside a cafe door while the security guard reads his newspaper

pondicherry, india | 2013

hello there

little village girl waving to the camera with her 2 little brothers alongside

karnataka, india | 2013

while at the nagarhole sanctuary we were staying by the river kabini and one morning took the boat to the village on the other side. the kids at gandathur village were a motley lot, who were busy having fun with almost anything they could lay their hands on … here’s meenakshi with her brothers who was so excited to see us unique city creatures that she frantically kept waving at us

while these 2 girls below were not really sure how to react…

two little village girls from kabini karnataka india

karnataka, india | 2013

we then walked further ahead to check if we can see elephants by the riverside… there were no elephants when we reached there, but maruthi and sadanand were having a fun time

2 village boys in karnataka posing for a photography while another boy spins a top in the background

karnataka, india | 2013

when we were finally going to leave, i turned back to find this shy little kid peeping from behind a tree … no amount of waving got him to break into a smile and he continued to stare at us till we left

little village boy hiding behind a tree at kabini karnataka india

karnataka, india | 2013