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On February 8, 2016
2 men making a boat at bunaken indonesia with a volcanic mountain in background

bunaken, indonesia | 2015

bunaken is one of the 17000 islands that makes up indonesia … a beautiful small island which is a haven for divers with its breathtaking coral reef wall and amazing marine life … being the first time i ever dived in life and was lucky enough to have turtles swim an inch away from my face this is truly an experience ill never forget …

during our walk on the island we landed up at liang beach where we found this father and son building a boat … we couldn’t help but wonder what a beautiful location this is to have as your workplace – with pristine blue waters and the volcanic mountain of manado tua in the background … we were not able to communicate much as we were by ourselves and they spoke a very different dialect from the indonesian i can manage to speak … but we understood that they took about a 100 days to complete the boat!
with that view i wouldnt mind scraping away …

2 men making a boat at bunaken island indonesia

bunaken, indonesia | 2015

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