camera shy

On January 9, 2016

three innocent little girls at phobjika valley in bhutan

phobjika, bhutan | 2014

bhutan is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places you can visit on earth… it is amazing to see a place and people that are still so untouched by materialistic world
phobjika was a valley in bhutan which we fell in love with … an original plan to stay for one night changed into 3 full days where we just walked across the valley and fields basking in a vast expanse …

on one of these walks we met these kids coming back from school … the girl in the center was extremely camera shy and they all were square shoulder stiff when i pointed my camera at them …

and here is a glimpse of the phobjika valley

phobjika valley in bhutan

phobjika valley, bhutan | 2014

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