Jul 25, 2015
man pushing a rope to move his boat at sundae kelapa harbour in jakarta after he and his family finished prayer for ramazan did ul fitri

ferry family

Jun 21, 2015
a character from ravana's army (from the indian epic ramayana) waving out to audiences at the kecak performance in uluwatu, bali

music of words

Aug 23, 2014
man selling chaat (snacks) during ramazan in mumbai near minara masjid

no food and so food

Dec 27, 2013
little boy selling electronic candles at crawford market mumbai

eyes that light up

Jun 24, 2013
man paints monastery before dalai lama arrival in tawang

festive coloring

Apr 22, 2013
sweet shop on the street making sweets during id

sweet food flying

Apr 8, 2013
man playing percussion instrument in kuala lumpur

street percussion art

Feb 15, 2013
crowd of people dancing in front of large speakers during ganapti visarjan at mumbai

festivity is a glue

Jan 23, 2013
man playing drums and waving flag in at ganapati visarjan in mumbai

festive drums

Jan 11, 2013
man lifting up daughter during ganapati visarjan in mumbai india

lift up

Jan 7, 2013
european tourist wears turban at a festival in jodhpur rajasthan india

turban tourist

Dec 14, 2012
devotees pulling large ganesha idol for visarjan in mumbai

move the lord