Feb 20, 2016
a young muslim boy seems to be in his own dreamworld during the ramazan eid prayer at suda kelapa harbour in jakarta

children don’t pray

Feb 8, 2016
2 men making a boat at bunaken indonesia with a volcanic mountain in background

a beautiful workplace

Jan 9, 2016
three innocent little girls at phobjika valley in bhutan

camera shy

Dec 24, 2015
man taking a suitcase for shopping and entering chatuchak weekend market at bangkok thailand

sack full of shopping

Nov 14, 2015
a government official in bhutan walking towards office while wearing the official uniform - a white robe

white collar

Oct 17, 2015
street vendor at little rann of kutch gujarat india

cheap treasures

Aug 8, 2015
very old man with wrinkled face with lines on face and smiling in gangtey phobjika bhutan

reading between lines

Jun 21, 2015
a character from ravana's army (from the indian epic ramayana) waving out to audiences at the kecak performance in uluwatu, bali

music of words

Mar 21, 2015
a balinese couple posing for a photograph at bali, indonesia

the balinese couple

Feb 21, 2015
but little big man continues to (try to) carry them

little big man

Dec 20, 2014
two very old men having a hearty laugh and remembering good times at national chorten thimphu bhutan

good time

Jan 11, 2014
indian soldiers at arunachal pradesh, india & china border against prayer flags

living on a prayer

Jun 24, 2013
man paints monastery before dalai lama arrival in tawang

festive coloring

Jun 17, 2013
man spinning huge tops on the street in kuala lumpur

spin it hard

Jun 12, 2013
indian traditional kathakali dancers in the middle of performance at kerala

power performance

May 29, 2013
man selling red cherries at jammu india

red cherry man

May 27, 2013
man sitting next to prayer flags at sela pass in arunachal pradesh

prayers in the air

May 24, 2013
tribal indian folk dancer performing at khuri rajasthan

ghaagro jo ghumiyo

May 17, 2013
two old men chilling sacking out at pulau ketam malaysia

sacking out

May 15, 2013
young boy picking flower from dal lake while sitting in a row boat

a beautiful flower