Jun 21, 2014
indian soldier at wagah border punjab with rifle and firm pose

tall. firm. proud

May 9, 2014
man on top of truck loading cargo under the JJ flyover in mumbai

load it up

Apr 15, 2013
old indan villager with wrinkled face and wearing turban

look of experience

Apr 3, 2013
restaurant owner in rural india

from stare to smile

Mar 11, 2013
soldiers marching during ceremony at wagah border between india & pakistan

definitive march

Mar 1, 2013
security guard at mehrangarh fort jodhpur india

dealing with security

Feb 27, 2013
man with cigarette stepping out of speedboat at klang jetty

the don

Feb 11, 2013
indian border security force soldier with his camel

camel cop

Jan 21, 2013
demon statue atop a temple in india

demons in the sky

Jan 9, 2013
kid working at garage in mumbai

spring back

Dec 19, 2012
man supplying lpg cylinder in mumbai

cylinder man