Nov 22, 2014
young kids dressed as old in a carnival in malaysia

being weird

Jun 17, 2013
man spinning huge tops on the street in kuala lumpur

spin it hard

Jun 12, 2013
indian traditional kathakali dancers in the middle of performance at kerala

power performance

May 13, 2013
young monks playing with marbles at monastery in tawang arunachal pradesh india

boys will be boys

May 1, 2013
woman in rabbit farm holding rabbit and laughing

a hearty laugh

Apr 22, 2013
sweet shop on the street making sweets during id

sweet food flying

Apr 5, 2013
woman in pink walking next to parked scooter at kuala lumpur

walk away brightly

Mar 29, 2013
young school boys having a fun moment at drass


Mar 27, 2013
man feeding parrots off his tongue at ajmer india

parrot kiss

Mar 25, 2013
innocent kids playing hide n seek and enjoying themselves

hide n seek joys

Mar 20, 2013
young boy wearing shirt with message nobody understand nature

nobody understands nature

Feb 27, 2013
man with cigarette stepping out of speedboat at klang jetty

the don

Feb 8, 2013
early morning stack of newspaper ready for delivery in mumbai

daily dose

Feb 4, 2013
relaxed man smoking while fishing in a boat at dal lake srinagar india

smoking fishing

Jan 14, 2013
kids in open gallery of temple turned into classroom

temple school

Jan 7, 2013
european tourist wears turban at a festival in jodhpur rajasthan india

turban tourist

Dec 26, 2012
man having breakfast in market in kuala lumpur malaysia


Dec 24, 2012
man smiling in a nut and bolt shop in mumbai

every ‘nut’ can be fixed