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On October 17, 2015
street vendor at little rann of kutch gujarat india

little rann of kutch, gujarat, india | 2012

a wise man once said that to a child his rubber ball is more valuable than a slab of gold … what we seek in life and would treasure always has to be in our own context, our own choice, without keeping a reference to others around us … that is the source of true happiness
this street vendor had a bunch of trinkets that she was selling, but you could see in her eyes the pride and love she had for those artifacts she had made … they may not have been valuable, but it was her treasure

here are some more kids hoarding another vendor

children looking for trinkets at a street shop in little rann of kutch

an evening at the barren dry land in rann of kutch

barren dry land in rann of kutch with sun setting at horizon

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