early initiation

On May 31, 2013

young monk reading scriptures on old palm leaf book at tawang arunachal pradesh

tawang | arunchal pradesh, india | 2009

after visiting the main monastery in tawang we came back to the courtyard to find another 2 storey building marked as a museum. as we climbed up we heard some loud chants by one person coming from a higher level. we kept climbing till we reached the terrace to find this little monk sitting alone and reading these scriptures off a palm leaf book. it was astonishing to hear the booming voice coming from such small kid. this photograph was when he first noticed our presence and turned around to look at us. but after this glance he was back to his chanting as if we did not exist there.
we didn’t want to disturb him but kept wondering why he was sitting there all by himself. had he been punished ? was he a sincere monk practising by himself? or was he a special one reading some privileged scripture? well we wouldn’t know but i can never forget this glance from him.

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