games without screens

On October 23, 2016
two kids in a mall stuck to their ipads as parents go around shopping

kuala lumpur, malaysia

screens have become the best nanny for many urban asian kids … but it was great to see that at the same time there were some who were having as much fun with the most ordinary everyday objects…




two girls playing one trying to pack the other in a carton box

little monk playing with a wheel that he rolls as he runs

arunachal pradesh, india

two kids playing with some stones and worms

phobjika valley, bhutan

game - man pulling a makeshift trailer made of carton box on which a child is sitting

bangkok, thailand

5 boys riding on one cycle balancing act

pondicherry, india

a kid trying to play iron man with carton box armour

jakarta, indonesia

two men playing a country board game called tiger and cow


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