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On February 24, 2014

little village girl waving to the camera with her 2 little brothers alongside

karnataka, india | 2013

while at the nagarhole sanctuary we were staying by the river kabini and one morning took the boat to the village on the other side. the kids at gandathur village were a motley lot, who were busy having fun with almost anything they could lay their hands on … here’s meenakshi with her brothers who was so excited to see us unique city creatures that she frantically kept waving at us

while these 2 girls below were not really sure how to react…

two little village girls from kabini karnataka india

karnataka, india | 2013

we then walked further ahead to check if we can see elephants by the riverside… there were no elephants when we reached there, but maruthi and sadanand were having a fun time

2 village boys in karnataka posing for a photography while another boy spins a top in the background

karnataka, india | 2013

when we were finally going to leave, i turned back to find this shy little kid peeping from behind a tree … no amount of waving got him to break into a smile and he continued to stare at us till we left

little village boy hiding behind a tree at kabini karnataka india

karnataka, india | 2013

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