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On June 21, 2015

bali – though popularly known for its beaches – has a very rich cultural heritage … one of the most popular tourist visits in bali is to the Uluwatu temple where every evening there is a performance called the kechak dance … the kechak performance has music but there are no instruments, it is created by a group of men chanting the words ‘chak’ with different patterns and timing … there are depictions form the hindu epic story ramayana, with characters dressed in costumes coming up to perform … the stage is absolutely stunning, set against a beach with a setting sun and hence a constantly changing backdrop …
the entire experience is just breathtaking
here are some of the images from the performance we attended

prayer to the stage

prayer to the stage

group of men create music only by speaking the words "chak" in differing patterns and timing at the kechak dance Uluwatu Bali

hands raised in prayer

one man would break the chorus of the 'chak' sounds with loud singing or hooting - kechak dance, uluwatu, bali

the man who would break the chorus with loud singing

depications of scenes from ramayana, sita getting romantic with ram, kechak dance, uluwatu, bali

sita getting romantic with lord ram

hanuman the monkey god character from ramayan being depicted in one of the scenes at kechak dance, uluwatu, bali

hanuman (the monkey god) seeking peace

a character from ravana's army (from the indian epic ramayana) waving out to audiences at the kecak performance in uluwatu, bali

bali, indonesia | 2015

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