May 22, 2013
devotees wearing turban walking into the golden temple at amritsar

colors walking to gold

May 17, 2013
two old men chilling sacking out at pulau ketam malaysia

sacking out

May 15, 2013
young boy picking flower from dal lake while sitting in a row boat

a beautiful flower

May 13, 2013
young monks playing with marbles at monastery in tawang arunachal pradesh india

boys will be boys

May 10, 2013
old chinese man riding on cycle in pulau ketam malaysia

age – a state of mind

May 8, 2013
man having breakfast alone at street food hawker stall in kuala lumpur

solitary breakfasts

May 6, 2013
kids playing with a statue of mahatma gandhi in india

playing with father

May 3, 2013
indian villager woman grandmother with her three grandsons

3 musketeers & the grandma

May 1, 2013
woman in rabbit farm holding rabbit and laughing

a hearty laugh

Apr 29, 2013
woman carrying stack of hay grass on head in india

heavy weight

Apr 26, 2013
man on cycle with two kids

daddy boy

Apr 24, 2013
man driving jeep during a safari at kutch

reflecting on what lies ahead

Apr 22, 2013
sweet shop on the street making sweets during id

sweet food flying

Apr 19, 2013
old man soldier at wagah border

proud old eyes

Apr 17, 2013
old wise monk drinking coffee during prayers

coffee prayers

Apr 15, 2013
old indan villager with wrinkled face and wearing turban

look of experience

Apr 12, 2013
intelligent man at street food stall

cafe dam corner

Apr 10, 2013
a little girl crying out loud


Apr 8, 2013
man playing percussion instrument in kuala lumpur

street percussion art

Apr 5, 2013
woman in pink walking next to parked scooter at kuala lumpur

walk away brightly