Feb 15, 2013
crowd of people dancing in front of large speakers during ganapti visarjan at mumbai

festivity is a glue

Feb 13, 2013
monk locking up temple at thikse monastery in ladakh india

closing prayers

Feb 11, 2013
indian border security force soldier with his camel

camel cop

Feb 8, 2013
early morning stack of newspaper ready for delivery in mumbai

daily dose

Feb 6, 2013
earnest boy scouts volunteering to maintain order among crowds during ganapati visarjan in mumbai

volunteering for order

Feb 4, 2013
relaxed man smoking while fishing in a boat at dal lake srinagar india

smoking fishing

Feb 1, 2013
man surrounded by spare parts


Jan 30, 2013
girl cycling in pulau ketam malaysia with her brother sitting pillion


Jan 28, 2013
man selling flowers as offering to god outside bhuleshwar temple in mumbai

the offering

Jan 25, 2013
man walking across in a village

simple walk

Jan 23, 2013
man playing drums and waving flag in at ganapati visarjan in mumbai

festive drums

Jan 21, 2013
demon statue atop a temple in india

demons in the sky

Jan 18, 2013
08 india labourer resting and smiling

joy of labour

Jan 16, 2013
feet of bahubali at sharvanabelagola karnataka

self & the ego

Jan 14, 2013
kids in open gallery of temple turned into classroom

temple school

Jan 11, 2013
man lifting up daughter during ganapati visarjan in mumbai india

lift up

Jan 9, 2013
kid working at garage in mumbai

spring back

Jan 7, 2013
european tourist wears turban at a festival in jodhpur rajasthan india

turban tourist

Jan 4, 2013
ageing man smiling faintly in mumbai

measured smile

Jan 2, 2013
rajasthani men with turbans having tea at karni mata mandir near bikaner

turban tea gang