power performance

On June 12, 2013

indian traditional kathakali dancers in the middle of performance at kerala

thekkady | kerala, india ! 2007

a mesmerised audience watched the power packed performance with a wide gaze ! we were one of them and watching a live kathakali performance for the first time sure blew me away
after an out of this world boat ride in the periyar sanctuary we were walking around the lanes of the small town of thekkady. a small door had a board outside that said ‘kathakali performance tonight’. we promptly walked in to watch this act in a small room turned into a makeshift theatre. it started with the actors finishing off their make up on stage explaining how it is put on. this was followed by some basic expressions depicting every emotion in the art of kathakali. and then came the performance.
this image was at the peak of the performance where one of the actors actually seems to be in mid air depicting the enraged character and the audience watching this in awe

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