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On April 26, 2014

jewish man sleeping in kenneseth eliyahoo synagogue at mumbai in india

mumbai, india | 2014

well i decided to document the history of mumbai but didn’t want to visit some of the popular south mumbai buildings and wanted something more unique … my search led me to find the history of jewish culture in mumbai, and found that there are many institutions and jewish synagogues in mumbai … infact judaism is the first foreign religions to arrive in india in recorded history…

so armed with a list of about 7 synagogues in south mumbai we started off … the first on the list was kenneseth eliyahoo synagogue at kala ghoda … when we reached there it was a fortress – complete with a police anti terror vehicle … well they let us in after some frisking and this place was beautiful …

first views:
the kenneseth eliyahoo synagogue at mumbai

it was an open space inside with the front wall having a huge stained glass image similar to churches … a centre area had an elevated stage for prayers with lots of holy books kept aside
prayer books at kenneseth eliyahoo synagogue mumbai india

there was a unique donation box there with multiple slots … the caretaker told us that each slot was for different wishes …
a charity box at kenneseth eliyahoo synagogue in mumbai

after the amazing beauty of this place we were more excited and left for the next one near masjid bunker station … this one sounded even more promising as it was called the ‘gate of mercy’. but when we reached there it turned out to be a very small building … worse still this place was guarded by cops as well and this one didn’t even let us take photographs from outside … the next one which was close by was again guarded by cops … and the next one near JJ Hospital was even more heavily guarded …
we gave up … the amount of explanation that we had to do made it sound like an interrogation session … apparently after the last terror attacks these places of worship have been super heavily guarded …

well we were glad we could see one of them and learn some more about a unique aspect of the history of this city

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