solitary breakfasts

On May 8, 2013

man having breakfast alone at street food hawker stall in kuala lumpur

kuala lumpur, malaysia | 2012

while walking around a sunday morning market in kuala lumpur i came across this hawker stall where there were many grim faces having their breakfasts but each one individually… i remember the time in my first job which involved a lot of travel and where i invariably ended up eating meals alone…
after the comfort of family and fun times with friends over meals, this solitary consumption had become a chore that had to be completed rather than enjoyed – always accompanied by a familiar distraction of a book, television or the internet
but over time i realize that these solitary moments can be a ‘window to the self’ … they are a great time to reflect and draw from the immense joy within our own being… give it a try next time

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