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On May 23, 2015

bhutan is a beautiful country … a must visit for everyone (i think this is going to be a standard statement in all my bhutan posts)

we are well planned during our motorcycle trips and conservative on our distances per day – given that we love stopping over to take in life along the journey … however when we were leaving our first stop of thimphu we got to know that the authorities are widening the highway and the road closes for 2 hours at a scheduled time… given that there is only one road that connects to the rest of bhutan we had no option but to take it and our estimates said we had just about enough time to make it through the blocking point … so off we went, as best as we could, and we reached .. but the road had already been blocked … no amount of sweet talk could get us through with the cops there and so we parked along with many more vehicles and trucks …

but then it turned out to be fun …. everyone was getting off their vehicles … we got the best kewa datshi (potato cheese dish) at a makeshift shop which was the best in the country … and then we met this little girl and her family …
it was good fun to play with her and we didn’t realise the 2 hours pass by …

a little smiling girl by the roadside at the roadblock on highway between thimphu & punakha in bhutan 2014

bhutan | 2014

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