Jan 9, 2016
three innocent little girls at phobjika valley in bhutan

camera shy

Nov 14, 2015
a government official in bhutan walking towards office while wearing the official uniform - a white robe

white collar

Aug 8, 2015
very old man with wrinkled face with lines on face and smiling in gangtey phobjika bhutan

reading between lines

Jul 18, 2015
a monk walking across the courtyard in punakha dzong at bhutan

light has no fear of dark

May 23, 2015
a little smiling girl by the roadside at the roadblock on highway between thimphu & punakha in bhutan 2014

stopover friend

Feb 21, 2015
but little big man continues to (try to) carry them

little big man

Dec 20, 2014
two very old men having a hearty laugh and remembering good times at national chorten thimphu bhutan

good time