Feb 21, 2015
but little big man continues to (try to) carry them

little big man

Jan 24, 2015
young boy with big eyes near haystack

windows to the soul

Oct 18, 2014
3 boys riding a boat on dal lake kasmhir

looking over

May 17, 2014
two young boys cycling on the barren plains of little rann of kutch in guajarat india

boys of rann

May 3, 2014
kids peeping out of school door while teachers day celebrations are going on inside

back benchers

Apr 13, 2014
little boy trying to put grain inside the mouth of a pigeon to feed it at kabutar khana dadar mumbai india

return to innocence

Feb 24, 2014
little village girl waving to the camera with her 2 little brothers alongside

hello there

Dec 27, 2013
little boy selling electronic candles at crawford market mumbai

eyes that light up

Jun 7, 2013
rajasthan folk tribal dancers dancing around young boy playing drums

dance all around

May 31, 2013
young monk reading scriptures on old palm leaf book at tawang arunachal pradesh

early initiation

May 15, 2013
young boy picking flower from dal lake while sitting in a row boat

a beautiful flower

May 13, 2013
young monks playing with marbles at monastery in tawang arunachal pradesh india

boys will be boys

May 6, 2013
kids playing with a statue of mahatma gandhi in india

playing with father

May 3, 2013
indian villager woman grandmother with her three grandsons

3 musketeers & the grandma

Mar 29, 2013
young school boys having a fun moment at drass


Mar 25, 2013
innocent kids playing hide n seek and enjoying themselves

hide n seek joys

Mar 20, 2013
young boy wearing shirt with message nobody understand nature

nobody understands nature

Jan 14, 2013
kids in open gallery of temple turned into classroom

temple school

Jan 9, 2013
kid working at garage in mumbai

spring back