Nov 22, 2014
young kids dressed as old in a carnival in malaysia

being weird

Mar 14, 2014
girl laughs at her romantic kiss

love at first sight…. (more photos inside)

Jun 17, 2013
man spinning huge tops on the street in kuala lumpur

spin it hard

Jun 10, 2013
little girl trying to climb on back of a cycle while mom is waiting

mount the ride

Jun 3, 2013
street stall old man counting stocks early morning at kuala lumpur

taking stock

May 17, 2013
two old men chilling sacking out at pulau ketam malaysia

sacking out

May 10, 2013
old chinese man riding on cycle in pulau ketam malaysia

age – a state of mind

May 8, 2013
man having breakfast alone at street food hawker stall in kuala lumpur

solitary breakfasts

Apr 26, 2013
man on cycle with two kids

daddy boy

Apr 10, 2013
a little girl crying out loud


Apr 8, 2013
man playing percussion instrument in kuala lumpur

street percussion art

Apr 5, 2013
woman in pink walking next to parked scooter at kuala lumpur

walk away brightly

Mar 25, 2013
innocent kids playing hide n seek and enjoying themselves

hide n seek joys

Mar 13, 2013
old woman selling vegetables at chow kit market kuala lumpur

age no bar

Mar 8, 2013
three women in thoughtful conversation at pulau ketam malaysia

thoughtful conversations

Mar 4, 2013
boatman waiting to depart klang jetty in malaysia

the boatman

Feb 27, 2013
man with cigarette stepping out of speedboat at klang jetty

the don

Feb 22, 2013
two mannequins displaying tudong in a crowded malaysia market

holding still

Jan 30, 2013
girl cycling in pulau ketam malaysia with her brother sitting pillion


Dec 26, 2012
man having breakfast in market in kuala lumpur malaysia