Mar 14, 2014
girl laughs at her romantic kiss

love at first sight…. (more photos inside)

Mar 1, 2014
man at the door of his house in the french colony at pondicherry india

puducherry people

Feb 19, 2014
man sitting by the beach at pondicherry looking at a storm coming in the sea

storm of contemplation

Feb 16, 2014
old man with wrinkled face sitting next to large buddhist prayer wheel in ladakh

turning of time

Feb 8, 2014
smiling old man selling tea on delhi street in cold weather

chai chacha

Jan 4, 2014
man sharpening knives on an automated sharpening stone with sparks flying out

sharpen the saw

Jun 17, 2013
man spinning huge tops on the street in kuala lumpur

spin it hard

Jun 3, 2013
street stall old man counting stocks early morning at kuala lumpur

taking stock

May 29, 2013
man selling red cherries at jammu india

red cherry man

May 27, 2013
man sitting next to prayer flags at sela pass in arunachal pradesh

prayers in the air

May 17, 2013
two old men chilling sacking out at pulau ketam malaysia

sacking out

May 10, 2013
old chinese man riding on cycle in pulau ketam malaysia

age – a state of mind

May 8, 2013
man having breakfast alone at street food hawker stall in kuala lumpur

solitary breakfasts

Apr 8, 2013
man playing percussion instrument in kuala lumpur

street percussion art

Apr 3, 2013
restaurant owner in rural india

from stare to smile

Feb 11, 2013
indian border security force soldier with his camel

camel cop

Feb 4, 2013
relaxed man smoking while fishing in a boat at dal lake srinagar india

smoking fishing

Feb 1, 2013
man surrounded by spare parts


Jan 18, 2013
08 india labourer resting and smiling

joy of labour

Jan 4, 2013
ageing man smiling faintly in mumbai

measured smile