Aug 15, 2015
a liftman sitting near an old lift in a building in south mumbai, india

the liftman

Aug 23, 2014
man selling chaat (snacks) during ramazan in mumbai near minara masjid

no food and so food

Jul 26, 2014
old man giving whacky smile

whacky turns sweet

May 14, 2014
old tailor at his small shop in one of the bylanes of mumbai india

an old machine

May 9, 2014
man on top of truck loading cargo under the JJ flyover in mumbai

load it up

Apr 26, 2014
jewish man sleeping in kenneseth eliyahoo synagogue at mumbai in india

sleeping prayer

Apr 13, 2014
little boy trying to put grain inside the mouth of a pigeon to feed it at kabutar khana dadar mumbai india

return to innocence

Jan 4, 2014
man sharpening knives on an automated sharpening stone with sparks flying out

sharpen the saw

Dec 31, 2013
construction workers on building against the large setting sun in mumbai

going up, going down

Dec 27, 2013
little boy selling electronic candles at crawford market mumbai

eyes that light up

Jun 21, 2013
girl sleeps off while begging in a subway at mumbai

going down

Apr 22, 2013
sweet shop on the street making sweets during id

sweet food flying

Apr 1, 2013
two men pulling water tank in mumbai

new world, old ways

Feb 20, 2013
man selling rakhi's in mumbai

a loving bond

Feb 15, 2013
crowd of people dancing in front of large speakers during ganapti visarjan at mumbai

festivity is a glue

Feb 8, 2013
early morning stack of newspaper ready for delivery in mumbai

daily dose

Feb 6, 2013
earnest boy scouts volunteering to maintain order among crowds during ganapati visarjan in mumbai

volunteering for order

Feb 1, 2013
man surrounded by spare parts


Jan 28, 2013
man selling flowers as offering to god outside bhuleshwar temple in mumbai

the offering

Jan 23, 2013
man playing drums and waving flag in at ganapati visarjan in mumbai

festive drums