Sep 18, 2015
2 sardar volunteers cleaning the golden temple amritsar lake in a boat

service to society

Aug 23, 2014
man selling chaat (snacks) during ramazan in mumbai near minara masjid

no food and so food

Jun 14, 2013
man making tea in brass pot by roadside in india

national drink

Jun 3, 2013
street stall old man counting stocks early morning at kuala lumpur

taking stock

May 29, 2013
man selling red cherries at jammu india

red cherry man

May 8, 2013
man having breakfast alone at street food hawker stall in kuala lumpur

solitary breakfasts

Apr 22, 2013
sweet shop on the street making sweets during id

sweet food flying

Apr 12, 2013
intelligent man at street food stall

cafe dam corner

Apr 3, 2013
restaurant owner in rural india

from stare to smile

Feb 18, 2013
man serving simple food in rural roadside restaurant in jammu india

food with love