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On June 21, 2014

indian soldier at wagah border punjab with rifle and firm pose

wagah border | punjab, india | 2012

the ceremony at wagah border is a sight to watch … the patriotic ferver in the air is so infectious that inspite of being believer in a borderless world i was swayed by the passion of the jawans …
this particular soldier was awe inspiring. he was close to 7 ft tall, and in his strong firm gait he came stomping down towards the gate at the border… there was so much strength and energy oozing out of him when he was standing, that it could have blown a few people away if they came his way…
as part of the ceremony the soldiers from the two countries had to stand next to each other, where the other soldier tried to instigate him… but this gentleman stood his ground firm & strong and didn’t even grace the other one with a glance
tension building up between soldiers at wagah border

but once the event was over and the gates were closed he broke into a sweet smile as if he had suddenly transformed from a warrior into an ordinary human being with all his vulnerabilities … it was amazing to see how his passion transformed him to be the warrior, the soldier … always tall, firm, proud

some ordinary citizens feeling patriotic
ordinary citizens getting patriotic

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