the liftman

On August 15, 2015

a colonial heritage created roles such as a person to open doors and a man to run the lift for you… however we as a society and a human race are evolving fast … from the days of colonial excess to productivity & efficiency to increasing automation … and in such a time we don’t need people to open doors, people to operate lifts for us, infact we are fast eliminating the need for ourselves …
i saw this liftman in one of the old buildings in the south of mumbai … in the absence of many visitors given a sunday, he was sitting in a chair … he looked as if he was in deep contemplation, as if the many years and the many people were racing up and down his mind in that one moment … and i wondered if any level of evolution could ever take us beyond the speed of our own thought

a liftman sitting near an old lift in a building in south mumbai, india

mumbai, india | 2014

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