white collar

On November 14, 2015

most of us will have a common image of a white collar worker – shades of blues and white, stripes and solids.

along comes bhutan – a beautiful country crusading to maintain its own natural way and heritage… when every country in the world is looking at gdp, bhutan looks at GNH – gross national happiness …. when others are exploiting the natural resources, bhutan is taking every measure possible to retain its natural beauty …

when it comes to attire, all men in bhutan wear a standard robe called the gho – from kids going to school to people going to work … and when it comes to government officials going to offices, they must wear a white robe on top of the gho

here is a government official wearing a white robe as he crosses a bridge over a river to go to a government office at punakha

a government official in bhutan walking towards office while wearing the official uniform - a white robe

punakha, bhutan | 2014

and this is his workplace … a palace constructed in 1638 that has now been converted into a government office (like most other in bhutan)
entrance of the punakha dzong in punakha bhutan

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